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Hunting stands

Tree stands or deer stands are open or enclosed platforms used by hunters. The platforms are secured to trees in order to elevate the hunter and give them a better vantage point. A tripod stand is a similar device, but because it is freestanding rather than attached to a tree, it is not technically a tree stand. Hunters use many different types of tree stands.


The inherent functional flexibility of tree stands allows hunters to use them in different ways. Whitetail deer are the most popular animal to hunt out of a tree stand,[citation needed] but other animals can be hunted from tree stands.

Tree stands can give the hunter an advantage, as the hunter sits up in a tree. This allows the hunter to see over intervening brush and vegetation that might otherwise block the hunter's view of approaching game. The advantage is not always clear, however, as early fall hunting in hardwoods bottoms can result in shortened line of sight, mostly because of heavy foliage still on the trees. This can be remedied by cutting shooting lanes for bows and firearms to see better from the tree stand.

Hunters use climbing stands to take the stand to different locations easily. Although not permanent like ladder stands and hanging stands, they can relocate a hunter to a different tree easily. Some hunters do leave them in the woods at the base of the tree. Climbing stands allow hunters that want to hunt from them to use a climbing stand at a location that will not allow them to keep a stand up during the whole season. Often ladder stands and hanging stands do not move easily, so they tend to stay on one tree. Because branches limit climbing stand use, ladder stands and hanging stands allow hunters more options on the trees with many branches at a lower height.

A few accessories are available for tree stands. Rope from the stand to the ground allows the hunter to pull up accessories or their weapon once in the stand. Besides the safety, hanging, ladder, and rope equipment, hunters can get:

Bow holders
Shooting rests
Blinds for around the stand
Covers over the stand
Umbrellas to protect the hunter from rain
Seat pads
Camouflage tape to disguise the stand

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